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CANOPÉE(Opus 87)
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August 200316'30Mixed music, Electroacoustic


The name canopy, which comes from a Greek word meaning “mosquito”, today designates the upper zone of the equatorial forest, inaccessible other than by air. This environment is populated not only by mosquitoes, but by a host of animal species, many of which remain unknown, and will disappear before they are discovered and studied. The recordings I made in 1972 in Indonesia and in the Bako reserve in Sarawak, northern Borneo, are presented here and used as models. They include the sounds of insects, birds and amphibians, many of which remain unidentified.

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The great exotic reverie of which Chateaubriand was one of the first inventors has changed character: it is no longer an invitation to travel, but nostalgia for an elsewhere whose place can now only be mental. The work commissioned by Artzoyd and Musiques Nouvelles invites us to immerse ourselves in this inner forest and its abundance of life.


Robins, calandra and calandrelle larks, Dupont’s sirli, mountain whistle, forest redstart and blue-winged cossypus share the sound space with other birds, insects and amphibians recorded by myself or others. Their transfer to the keyboards of two samplers allows them to be flexibly integrated into the instrumental writing, where the rhythmic dimension most often dominates.


2 samplers, 4 vl, 2 vla, 2 vc, 1 db.

First performance

11.30.2003, Bruxelles, ArtZoyd et Musiques nouvelles, dir J-P.Dessy


Commissioned by

Dedicated to

aux écologistes


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